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Camp on a solitary oasis, experience the dark starry nights and dance to musicians playing haunting music. Camel safaris are the ideal way to spend time exploring rustic Thar and Cholistan. A camel safari moves through the golden sands of the savage Thar desert passing through remote villages. The 'Ship of desert' camel is certainly not confined to the desert of the plains and Thar and Cholistan, but is also one of the chief modes of transportation in other parts of Pakistan since the ancient times. Mostly available from October to April, camel safaris are one of the most memorable experiences as one gets used to the rolling and wobbly movements of the camel while exploring rugged terrains and enjoy the ride through some of the most ancient historic places and have first hand experience of the lifestyle of the remote villages of desert dwellers.
The other thing about camel safari that fascinates one is the shaggy double-humped Bactrian camel. In the earlier times, Central Asian traders used these camels as pack animals but since 50 years they have been bred for transport purposes as well. Today, these camels have emerged as the hot favorites of the tourists as the choice of their mode of transportation during camel safaris. Camel Safari provides one opportunity to watch and relish the scenic beauty of the Cholistan villages, especially forts, and the colorful shrines. Camel safaris can be tailored to suit the needs of every traveler from a few hours to a week. 

Camel Safari Trips:

1. Cholistan Camel Safari                                    (7 days)

2. Southern Boat and Camel Delight                     (07 days)













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