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Situated 76 miles from Quetta at an altitude of 8.400 feet above sea-level, Ziarat is a holiday resort amidst one of the largest and oldest juniper forests in the world. The juniper’s soft whispering and bird songs are about the only sound that breaks the prevailing stillness. You will enjoy Ziarat’s picturesque walks, views lush picnic spots and pure health giving water from an interesting natural spring. No visit to Quetta is complete without a trip to Ziarat Break the routine holiday in the delightfully cool city.

Popular Attractions:

Ziarat’s attractions are many. For the naturalist hiker there are walks amidst picturesque surroundings. For the hunter, games on foothills, for the mountaineer, challenging heights presenting panoramic picture of the whole of Ziarat. And for a religious minded, a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Kharwari Baba popularly known as Ziarat Baba Mian Abdul Hakim at Goshki, a hill top near here.

The health forming spring water, the refreshing mountain and the conferous junipers have made Ziarat a hill station for many years. The legend is that Baba Kharwari, a famous saint, while on a preaching mission was looking for a place for giving some rest to his tired feet. When he reached the place now known as Ziarat, he climbed a hill top, and uttered. “This land shall flourish” with the saying he tapped the ground with his wand.

The saint opposed the tyranny and high handedness of the Gilkai King Hussain and was compelled to migrate from Kandhar in Afghanistan to this place of rest. The shrine is surrounded by beautiful scenery after his death he was buried here. Out came the water from that spot which is still flourishing and is regarded as holy and wholesome. People visit his shrine, which is in the centre of the valley and is 31/2 miles by jeep from Ziarat.

Khilafat Hills are the highest peak with an altitude of 11.400 feet The route is comparatively more difficult.

Chautar Valley:

About 8 miles from Ziarat is the beautiful Chautar Valley. There are green picnic spots in the interior of the valley where one can get away from it all. There is also a rest house in case one wants to stay longer. The crude and rustic huts made with the bark of juniper trees, in which the inhabitants of the area live are strikingly different from dwellings in other villages.

Feru Tangi:

6 Miles by jeep from Ziarat, off the main road to Quetta lies Feru Tangi or gorge. There is a small water fall as the mountain springs flow down. It is a 2 mile walk from the main road to this soot which is ideal for picnics.


Ziarat is connected with Quetta Balochistan by a metalled road.

There are a number of limited accommodation facilities ranging from basic to three star.

Very few restaurants offering locally sourced food.


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