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Yerkhun meaning,“friends home” in wakhi language, is situated extreme North of Chitral, sharing boarders with Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor and Yasin valley of Northern Areas while its extreme north – Baroghil – touching —the great Pamir, in NWFP province of Pakistan. Fidelity and hospitality among the people is perhaps one reason of the nomenclature.

Rich in natural beauty; lush green meadows, high mountains, famous passes, blushful streams, roaring rivers, mighty glaciers, precious species of wild life, and many more. Though this valley lacks the basic facilities of comfortable modern life like road communication, health facilities, quality education, telecommunication sources, accessibility of pure drinking water, etc. yet the people are lively in their disposition.

The moderate weather in summers keeps people happy and jubilant enjoying the beauty of nature. But life in the valley is not a bed of roses all the time. In the tough and harsh winters it becomes static, temperature going as low as Minus 30 degree Celsius, making the whole valley serene and tranquil, confining the people to their homes.

There are a number of limited accommodation facilities ranging from basic to three star.

Very few restaurants offering locally sourced food.


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